Corporate History

Life Safety Solutions, LLC has been formally providing Safety and Medical Services Training and Consultation since 1998. Our management and instructional teams have developed a best in class training and program content to achieve the highest level of excellence. To date, Life Safety Solutions, LLC and its instructional staff, have coordinated or instructed in over 1500 quality medical and safety related training programs nationwide.

Life Safety Solutions, LLC Philosophy

home02At Life Safety Solutions, LLC we know how important quality medical training can be, that is why our philosophy is simple, "Quality training, because life depends on it!"

Our experts believe every healthcare professional, public safety professional and layperson public rescuer deserves the mentoring and educational expertise of practicing instructors. Our educational experience is delivered in a low stress, positive environment that is conducive to the adult learner. This philosophy has enabled us to achieve a level of excellence for our staff and students to help them achieve their professional and personal goals.

Life Safety Solutions, LLC provides each program participant with a solid foundation of knowledge while emphasizing "real world" applications. We are not a certification mill turning out "cookbook" students. We believe in producing a student professional that is prepared to enter into the healthcare profession, or continue their education in a rapidly evolving profession, with newly acquired and honed critical thinking skills. We also believe in our community commitment by providing knowledge to empower the lay public rescuer with the ability to perform in critical situations.

Our dedicated instructional staff is comprised of practicing Registered Nurses, Paramedics, Physicians, Respiratory Therapists, Fire, Emergency Services and Law Enforcement Personnel.